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Spiritual Resources in the Time of Coronavirus

During this season of quarantine and isolation due to the pandemic, we all respond and experience to what is happening differently. We encourage you to look to the One who does not change and is the constant in our lives. Below you can find various resources to help you keep connected to God personally. Whether you're curious about Chrsitianity, want to dive deeper or just looking to make sense of things we hope you'll find a way to connect.

Exploring Christianity or Taking a Deeper Dive

Faith Seeking Understanding: An Introduction to Christian Theology - A great overarching theology primer that isn't as dense as other theology texts

Plain Theology For Plain People - An even simpler explanation of theological concepts and what Christians believe

How to Read the Bible For All It's Worth - Great resource for knowing how and where to start reading the Bible - Great website for studying the bible. Contains commentaries and other helpful resources - Another great site for studying the bible especially if you want to study the original greek/hebrew for any given passage

Casket Empty Study - A great resource for getting to know the meta-narrative of the Bible and how the Old and New Testaments work in harmony to carry out that story

Understand Christianity - A great website that introduces or refreshes you to Christian beliefs and concepts. Contains simple explanations to what Christians believe, what Jesus taught, what the Bible says and tries to provide answers to common questions about Christianity

In Need of Encouragement

Trusting God in Difficult Times - A encouraging series of meditation from Scripture by Tim Keller 

Coronavirus and Christ - Pastor John Pipers thoughts on what God might be doing through the Coronavirus

Chrisianity Offers No Answers About the Coronavirus. It's Not Supposed To - Helpful article by N.T Wright that gives a helpful way that Christians can be responding in this time

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Spiritual Practices and Rhythms

Digital Retreat - An Ignatian retreat online that leads you through a series of contemplative practices supplemneted with videos and images

Daily Examen (COVID-19 version) - A timless prayer practice developed by St. Ignatius of Loyola focused on helping you find God's presence in your life and how He might be guiding and speaking to you. This one is tailored for life during this time

Pray As You Stay Guided Prayer - Another guided prayer meditation, specifically designed for this time

Other Resources

Ligonier Ministries - They are offering many great resources like teaching series and study guides free of charge.

Sermon Series Study materials

Revelation: 7 Letters to the 7 Churches 

Jonah - October 2019

Abide (John 15:1-17) - September 2019

Other Guides

Guide for Lent 2020