Spiritual Conversations F.A.Q.

What Should I Expect During My Spiritual Conversations Session?

First, you sign up for a Spiritual Conersation session by emailing Pastor John at john@highrockbrrokline.org.  The facilitators you are meeting with will email you a guided reflection form to complete prior to your session.  This is an opportunity for you to reflect on your own relationship with God, the joys and struggles of your season of life, and some of the areas where you might like to grow.  We encourage you to take 15-30 minutes to walk through the guiding questions in this form with the help of the Holy Spirit.  Having this information ahead of time will also help the guides prayerfully reflect on how they might serve you and guide your time together.  Feel free to share as much or as little as you’d like (completing the full form is not mandatory - this is a resource but not a homework assignment!)

On the day of your session, you’ll meet with the facilitators at the church office in the cozy back room.  Every meeting will have two faciitators in it - one to guide the conversation and the other to pray for you as you share.  The facilitators will listen, ask you some questions, perhaps share some Scripture and a reflection on what they heard you say, pray with you, and help you come up with one next step in your life with Christ.  

Do I Need to Bring Anything to a Spiritual Conversations Session?

Nope!  Just yourself

What Can I Expect in Terms of Follow Up?

You can expect an email sent a few weeks following your meeting reminding you of what was talked about and an invitation for a less formal check-in with Pastor John. And unless you initiate it, the facilitators will not bring up your conversation in regular conversation - not at Soulfood, passing of the peace, or in the grocery store!  If you’d like to share an update, you are more than welcome to and we will certainly engage in the conversation!  But there is no expectation to continue the conversation should you choose not to.

Are Spiritual Conversations Confidential?

The information you share in your reflection form and in your session will only be viewed by your two facilitators and Pastor John if he is not one of the facilitators.  We will not share anything that you share in your session (not even with our spouses) unless we believe that you or someone close to you is in danger.  In these specific cases, we will direct you to the appropriate resources to ensure you receive the support you need.