Spiritual Conversation

Our lives are so often busy and loud - loud with school, work, children, friends, spouses, and just living life.  There are so many things intruding in our minds that we often do not have, or can’t figure out how to carve out, a quiet space to reflect on the ways God is working in our lives. Spiritual Conversations give us an opportunity to reflect intentionally together. Through our time together, we will be listening, reflecting, and prayerfully considering how God is present and working in your life. Our hope in these meetings is that ultimately you will be having a conversation with the Holy Spirit who might encourage, comfort, inspire, convict, etc. in various areas of your life and that you'd be able to respond accordingly to Him.

Our Mission

The mission of Spiritual Conversations is to provide spiritual care and direction to anyone that is looking. Our prayer is that through the assistance of Spiritual Conversations, you will be better able to connect to God personally, connect to God’s people, and connect to God’s purposes on this journey of life!  Ultimately, we hope that you will use Spiritual Conversations meetings as opportunities to pause, listen, reflect on how God is working, and come up with a practical next step in your walk with Christ. Meetings last for one hour.

We hope to help you experience transformation through:


There is nothing more important in life than our relationship with God! Yet it is often difficult for us to be intentional about that relationship. Spiritual Conversations can help you to become more intentional about your spirituality and to grow in areas such as prayer, discernment, calling, spiritual disciplines, experiencing God, applying Scripture, and more. Our facilitators are not professional therapists or social workers, but they can assist you in finding further help if you need it.


Healthy Christian spirituality is nurtured in the context of authentic community. During Spiritual Conversations we will check in with you to make sure that you are connecting in life-giving ways with the body of Christ.  We will help you to get better settled into community if you have not yet found a home at our church. And if you have found a home with us, we’ll explore ways to make your experience even better!

All over Scripture, God's people are invited to share stories with one another about how God is at work.  It is an essential practice that helps us remember that which we can be prone to forget, and remind each other of God's activity when we might otherwise be too distracted to see it.  

We hope that Spiritual Conversations would help us develop even more of a church culture of asking each other about God's work in our lives, and to continue in the habit of sharing stories with how we've seen God in our midst.  Our desire is for our church to become a place where reflective conversation is the norm, and where we regularly discuss the ways we see God at work.


Each of us has the exciting privilege of participating in God’s mission here on earth—to see God's kingdom come more fully (Matthew 6:33)!  Spiritual Conversations will help you to discern whether your spiritual gifts are being used to their fullest for the growth and glory of the kingdom of God. You will have a chance to reflect on your gifts and your current areas of ministry with your guides, and to brainstorm ways that you could be more fruitful for His kingdom. 

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To find out more about Spiritual Conversations or to schedule a session, please contact Pastor John at john@highrockbrookline.org