Constant | 5 of 6


Kat Hampson
Oct 10, 2021
Series Description

In math, a constant is a value that stays the same even when everything else in the equation changes. In life, Jesus is our constant and he’s given us a set of Values that has guided the Highrock church movement from the beginning. In this series, we’ll define these values and explore how they form a strong foundation for our church to weather the changes ahead.

Sermon Description: 

This week, Pastor Kat talks about "solidarity" based on Philippians 2:3-8. That word has become so politicized recently that while most of us have an emotional reaction to it, few of us know what it means. Solidarity really just means that love has to be more than a warm feeling or good idea, it has to be put into action. Solidarity is seeing God's image in everyone, and then loving according to what's most helpful to them rather than what's most easy for me. Solidarity can't be just a political platform, it's the sacrificial, extravagant love we see in Jesus. This is a challenging message, but an important one. We invite you to join us in the journey.