New Beginnings | 5 of 5

I'll Just Say Yes!

Ophelia Ardayfio
Sep 30, 2018
Series Description

The fall season in the neighborhoods surrounding Boston typically feels like a the start of a new year especially with the start of a new school year and the mass start of new housing leases on Spetember 1st. But there are plenty of other new beginnings, and our lives are filled with them. In this series we take a look at some new beginnings found in Scripture to see how we can enter seasons of newness in our lives in healthy, God-honoring, neighbor-loving manners.

Sermon Description: 

Opportunities to obey God are presented many times in the life of the believer.  God calls us to to his service in ways that at times appear insignificant or challenges our carefully laid plans or past experiences.  Ultimately, our obedience to Christ's call to follow him and become his disciple leads us to share the gospel message for others to answer his call and become disciples.