Acts: Breaking Boundaries in Christ | 1 of 4

Acts 2: Lectio Divina

Kat Hampson
Oct 24, 2021
Series Description

During the pandemic, many of our ideas of “church” got shifted and shaken. It was hard to say that we “went” to church or that we “attended” church as we sat in our pajamas in our living room! But now that we’ve gone back to 'in-person' worship services, perhaps we’ve fallen back into our old patterns of thinking about “church” — ie. people in one place, pastors, preaching, programming, production, etc…

But what if the church was meant to BE MORE than that?

In this series, we’ll explore together the Book of Acts in the New Testament, looking at what happened when people – ordinary people, different people, diverse people, outsiders AND insiders – got swept up into the story of God by a movement of the Holy Spirit. The movement became a revolution. These early Christians didn’t attend church, they were the Church; an active, energized body of believers equipped to change the world as they shared in life together. Join us as we learn from the early church, as we ourselves are swept up into God’s story of life together

Sermon Description: 

This week, we will be engaging the scripture passage (Acts 2:1-21) through the practice of group LECTIO DIVINA together as a congregation.

Lectio Divina is a contemplative way of reading the Bible, dating back to the early centuries of the Christian Church. It is a way of praying the scriptures that leads us deeper into God’s word. We slow down. We read a short passage more than once. We chew it over slowly and carefully. We savor it. Scripture begins to speak to each of us AND all of us in a new way, engaging not just our head but our heart, as we personally encounter God through Christ who is himself the Living Word.