Ohana 101

The word Ohana means family – except it doesn’t necessarily mean the family you were born into, but family by some other way. And that describes the spiritual reality we want to embrace at Highrock. In John 19:26-27 Jesus enjoined his mother Mary and his disciple John as a new family. As followers of Christ we follow that example and believe that He has defined who our family is and gave us the command to love one another. The primary we seek to live that value out is through ‘Ohana Groups.’ Ohana Groups provide the space and opportunity for us to live into that deeper reality – that we are family, in the truest way possible.

Ohana groups meet all over the city at various times. Each Ohana is a unique group of people from different life stages, backgrounds, and careers. To get more information or sign up to join an Ohana group, email hello@highrockbrookline.org or attend the next Ohana 101 session. Details on that below.

Ohana 101 - Sundays 11:45am on Zoom

Join us for this introductory class to learn more about the value of Ohana and Ohana groups and how you can get plugged in.