Pastor Josh's Sabbatical

Jun 20, 2018

Dear Members,

As Pastor Josh mentioned in his sermon this past Sunday (6/3), the Overseers approved his request for a sabbatical at last month’s Board of Overseers’ meeting. At Highrock, our ideal rhythm for a Lead Pastor contemplates a three-month sabbatical approximately every five years. This request is in line with that rhythm, as this will be Josh's second sabbatical in the past ten years.

Accordingly, Pastor Josh will be on sabbatical from July 2nd until October 1st. During these three months, we will release him from his responsibilities as the Lead Pastor of Highrock Brookline. 

For those who were around for Pastor Josh's previous sabbatical, you'll remember there were deliberate efforts to keep his time separate from the life of our church, including Sunday worship. This time, you'll notice something a little different: we'll probably still see him present sometimes in the life of the church (though not in his Lead Pastor role), such as by worshipping with his family on some Sundays or by participating in key conversations around the partnership with Mars Hill. These changes, to the extent you see them, are based in part on lessons Pastor Josh learned during his last sabbatical about how his time apart from pastoral responsibility can best be a blessing both to him and to the church.

Please join us in prayer, as we lift up Pastor Josh’s sabbatical and continue to pray for Spirit-led revival. 

Cyrus Chung
Chair of the Board of Overseers