Highrock SW Boston Planting Update

Every other Tuesday a new family gathers for dinner in Hyde Park. Though we come from a variety of backgrounds, food, fellowship and prayer are gradually knitting us together--a community committed to one another and to impacting Southwest Boston with the gospel. This is how you plant a church; gather people who are compelled by a common vision and ask God to form you into a community around his mission. So we pack into a little living room and from toddler to mid-career parents we play together, seek God together and together testify to his goodness in our lives.

Next year, by God's grace, this family will grow into a full-blown church, worshiping regularly in a location TBD in Southwest Boston (Hyde Park/Roslindale). We're launching a new Highrock so that more people will be able to enjoy the goodness and abundance of God. You can learn more at Southwest Boston's website.

These meetings are open to all. All we ask is that those who join be committed to partnering with us as we develop a church family of folks which represents the diversity of backgrounds present in these neighborhoods and which seeks the physical and spiritual renewal of the city. During this winter and spring we'll be recruiting a "launch team" of 40+ adults, along with kids, who will form the core of the new church and will work together to plan and launch that church next fall.

For information or to get involved, please email Pastor Andy at andyober@highrock.org