August: A Month of Prayer

Jul 25, 2018


A note from Pastor John:

Last year, our church entered into a season of praying for revival. We didn’t know exactly what that would look like or what fruit would be born out of it but almost a year in, we have tasted and seen that the Lord is good! Here’s some of the exciting things that we’ve seen God doing in our midst:

  1. Racial Justice Ministry – A few folks in our congregation whose hearts were stirred by God decided to begin this new ministry in our church to increase our awareness and desire for racial justice.
  2. Summer Together – This summer we began worshipping together with Mars Hill Fellowship Church, a fellow Brookline congregation. The makeup of our congregations may be vastly different in ethnicity, culture, and socioeconomic background, but we want to be a light in the darkness of divisiveness and disunity in our nation and world, especially amongst Christians.
  3. Ministering As Priests – Following in the biblical truth of the priesthood of all believers, we began an initiative to discover spiritual gifts, develop those gifts and deploy them in and out of the church for the edification of others.
  4. Personal revival – We’ve heard stories within our congregation of healings, answered prayers, new experiences of joy and fresh spiritual growth and excitement. 

These are only some of the things that we’ve seen God doing. If you have a story or praise report please share with us here!

One of the most important things to note here is that all of this was born out of prayer. And not prayer for these specific things. It began from a place of brokenness and a realization of how desperately we needed revival in the first place. We needed to be in a place of listening rather than speaking. To humble ourselves and seek the Kingdom of God first and foremost.

So we began in August of 2017 at weekly Sacred Space gatherings to first listen and ask God to reveal to us how we should be praying for revival. Each Sunday morning we would pray together for revival, we continued to gather for Sacred Space throughout the weeks, and even had an overnight prayer gathering in the winter during a snowstorm. 

All that being said, as we enter the Fall, which generally feels like a season of new beginnings, we want to start it off right and cover it in prayer. To that end we’re devoting the entire month of August to doing just that. Every Saturday at 39 Harvard St. we will have Sacred Space gatherings to pray together. The sermon series each Sunday will be devoted to the topic of prayer with Sunday, August 19th being a prayer service.  And throughout the week, each day we encourage you to pray using this guide.