Sacred Space

1st Saturday of every month
7:30 pm to 8:30 pm
39 Harvard St 2FL Brookline, MA 02445
United States

In Luke 10:38-42, the story of Martha and Mary, Mary spent time at the feet of Jesus listening to all that he had to say. Martha on the other hand, was distracted by all the preparations that needed to be made. Even though her intentions were good, she was distracted from listening to and experiencing the living incarnate word of God up close and personal. But we notice that she comes to Jesus, not anyone else, with her frustrations and anxieties. And Jesus could have easily rebuked her for getting upset with Mary or demanding things of Him but instead, he acknowledges what she's feeling and gently reminds her of the only necessary thing, that is, Himself. 

There is nothing wrong with working hard, being prepared and trying to be hospitable like Martha but, in the business of it all, we can get distracted from also making time to listen to and commune with Jesus even if everything we're trying to do and prepare is for his sake. Sacred Space is a time dedicated to sitting at the feet of Jesus, enjoying his presence, bringing any anxieties, worries, frustrations, joys, thanksgivings etc. before him and listening to what he has to say to us. Join us as we begin every month spending time hearing from our dear friend and loving God.