The 2018 Fall Advance: Reclaiming Jubilee

Friday, October 26th 6PM to Sunday, October 28th 1PM
6:00 pm
United States
Racial Justice Ministry

All the finals details for this weekend can be found by CLICKING HERE.


Highrock Brookline is partnering with Mars Hill Fellowship and Highrock Southwest Boston for a church-wide retreat! It is on the usual last weekend of October as with past church retreats, but we are staying at a different retreat center in Charlton, MA. We will be exploring the modern-day city of Boston through the lens of the Biblical Year of Jubilee. Our guest speaker is Dominique Gilliard, ECC pastor and author of Rethinking Incarceration. Please join us we gather together as believers to explore God’s desire for freedom and restoration in our time!

We will meet at the retreat center in Charlton on Friday. On Saturday, buses will take us to/from the city and back to Charlton. We will worship together on Sunday morning in Charlton to conclude the weekend together.

Registration: $200.00           
Families with Children:
Children under age 3 are free.
Children 3-12 years old: $100.00
Children 13 and up: $130.00
Families with multiple children: (2nd child 50% off; 3rd child  is free)


Resources for The Fall Advance:

Episode of NPR's "Location! Location! Location!"

"Mapping Inequality: Redlining in New Deal America"

NPR Article on Mapping Inequality

TruTV Video: "Adam Ruins Everything: The Disturbing History of Suburbs"


Sunday Service in Brookline 10/28

For those in the community that are not attending the retreat, join us for a time of worship, study, and fellowship at 10:30AM at 39 Harvard Street, 2FL. Coffee and snacks will be provided.