Couch to Sabbath

In the next 4 weeks, HRB invites you to join the Couch to Sabbath initiative.  Through learning and experimenting with sabbath practices, we hope many will be able to establish a habit of weekly sabbath.

Pastor John kicked off the initiative with his teaching on Sabbath which you can click below to listen to.

In addition, sign up for the Couch to Sabbath Workshop to learn about the biblical concept of Sabbath, to brainstorm what sabbath may look like in practice for you, or to craft your own Couch to Sabbath plan. For more details and sign up, please click here.

During the next 4 weeks, to encourage lay ministry members to fully engage with the initiative, some ministries may ‘pause’ from their regular activity. As a result, while all three staff members (Yumiko, John and Lannie) will continue to serve per usual, you may notice a trimmed down Sunday service or simpler programming.

On 8/9, our current plan is to have a physically distant picnic in lieu of Sunday service to celebrate the end of our Couch to Sabbath initiative as well as the beginning of the new season.


A 30-minute meeting to help you move from Couch to Sabbath.

Depending on your need, Pastors John or Yumiko will work with you. You can ask more about the biblical Sabbath concept, brainstorm how to sabbath, or craft your own Couch to Sabbath plan. There's no set program to allow flexibility to work with your needs.

Pick one of the dates that work for you. If none of the dates listed works, contact

After you register, you will receive a zoom link for the workshop. Looking forward to connecting with you!


For additional resources on the Sabbath, click below.