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We hope you are all staying well and adjusting to a new routine. As you already know, the current health crisis has put an immense strain on many in our communities, and we feel that it is especially important to consider how we might be able to help our neighbors during this unsettling time of change and uncertainty.  As said at Sanctuary Church, a fellow ECC church in Rhode Island: "'Running towards crisis instead of fleeing to safety' is the call for the church." In this peculiar time, despite many barriers, we want to do our best to serve so that there is no need among us (Acts 4:33-34). Here are a few ways we can respond to the current needs in the community. 


Roslindale House

Roslindale House, a residential property for low-income elders and people with disabilities, is in need of volunteers to pick up and drop off food for residents. Please contact Pastor Andy if you're interested in helping. He will provide you with more details from the Resident Services Coordinator at Roslindale House. 

Women Thriving Logo

Women Thriving, Inc. is looking for financial support for the women in their Leadership Corps program. These women are training in technology, group facilitation, social media, basic leadership development, and other responsibilities to support other low-income Thriving women with their needs. Please consider donating, as this will support the Leadership Corps financially, as well as enable them to continue this same work with other women. Helping these women is crucial now more than ever, as the Leadership Corps members are are extending themselves far beyond their original expectations so they can continue to focus on supporting others. Click below to donate.

The Brookline Teen Center and Our Community Need Your Help!

At the Brookline Teen Center, the Family Support Fund is used to give financial help to youth and their families with minimal restrictions. Since November 2017, they have given over $100k in support to families and teens to help with clothing, food, education, housing, and other things to help families through times of crisis. This kind of help is especially important, as it provides instant financial aid and relief to teens and their families who are not able to or don't have time to go through the bureaucratic process to access resources they need.

In this current health crisis, many teens and families who are part of the BTC depend on resources that are no longer available and will need help to make it through this tough time. Please consider helping to care for these youth by donating to the Family Support Fund so that they are able to continue providing teens and families with what they need to get through this crisis.   

For more information and questions about the Family Support Fund, please contact: 

Matt Cooney 339.225.1604
You can donate by clicking the button below or by texting FAMILYSUPPORT to 44-321.

Brookline Food Pantry

The Brookline Food Pantry is looking for volunteers to help in a number of ways including:

  • Drivers to get food from the Greater Boston Food Bank to the Brookline Food Pantry sites
  • People to load & unload boxes in & out of the Food Pantry
  • People to help pack food for Food Pantry Clients
  • Drivers to help deliver food to people who are unable to come to the Food Pantry to pick up food
  • Monetary donations so they can buy food and any other things they need at a discounted price

If you are able to assist, please contact Chanin, Director of Operations at  

Lastly, if you find yourself in need, know someone in need, or if you are able to help others, we'd love to hear from you. Click one of the buttons below to fill out the form, and we will contact you as soon as possible.