Smartphone Apps

John Lee
Jun 13, 2018

I have a love-hate relationship with my smartphone. On the one hand it provides an extraordinary amount of convenience, knowledge and a is a source of a plethora of resources. But on the other hand it’s huge point of distraction and disconnection form the rest of the world and the people right in front of me. But… I have one and I’m going to use it, so why not try and use it as a resource for spiritual growth? If you’re with me, here’s a rundown of some apps that I’ve been using and trying out.

Pray As You Go

Devotional app based on the podcast. It includes the daily prayer/meditation/reflection from the podcast but also has some extra resources. The daily prayer consists of reflective music, a scripture reading and questions to reflect on. It’s a great way if you’re on the go or have a few minutes to spare to reflect on Scripture and pray.



IHOP is the International House of Prayer (not pancakes) in Kansas City, where they have a 24/7 prayer room that is open and operating with a live band worshiping, and prayers being prayed without ceasing. This app lets you live stream the prayer room. I visited the prayer room many years ago but I remember spending 6 straight hours a day for a few days just “soaking” in the presence of God, singing praises, meditating on the Word and it was amazing. Obviously it’s a bit different to be watching a live stream rather than being physically there but nonetheless it can be an enriching experience.



Christian meditation app. You choose different topics and it guides you through different steps that are customizable based on what topic you to focus on and what kind of music you want to hear. A good structured way to set aside time to spend in reflection and meditation.


Reimagining Examen

Examen is a prayer originated by St Ignacius. It is an examination and reflection of yourself and your day to see how and where God was present and what He might be doing or saying in your life. This app contains the original plus many other iterations of the prayer to help you examine yourself in guided prayer. It’s a great way to take a step back from the business of life and think about what’s happening.


Prayer Notes

A prayer journal app. Good for writing down prayers and making lists of things and people to pray for. It has a section to record answers to prayers. It’s one thing to get in the rhythm and discipline of praying, but being able to reflect back on prayers you’ve prayed is a great way to build your faith and better understand the God that you’re praying to. Unfortunately, I didn’t see an Android version.



App with different guided prayers, devotionals, and lists of topics. Good if you want a way of organizing your prayer lists or having structured guided prayer.


Bible Memory: Scripture Memory

Interactive app that helps you memorize scripture. You choose a verse and then it takes you through steps to help you memorize it. It was a little confusing at first to navigate but once you get the hang of it it’s another way to help memorize Scripture.



App that helps lead you in reflection and prayer using the mediums of music, film, poetry and photography. It’s a cool app, especially if you have more of an artistic leaning.


I hope you might find some of these to be helpful and/or useful. If you know of or use any other apps not on the list that have been worthwhile for you, please let me know!