A Day at the New England Seafarer's Mission

Yumiko Nakagawa
Jul 11, 2019

Alicia, Miss Betty, Sister Olive, Sam, Jim, Chloe, Lucas and Yumiko spent a delightful day of serving together at New England Seafarers Mission on July 5th.  The Norwegian Gem crews had much to get done during their short break on the shore.  Sam and Jim helped the crews to wire their hard earned cash to their families thousands miles away.   Miss Betty, Alicia and Sister Olive met a wide array of crews who work as magicians, waiter, cooks and much more on the board and learned about their long 14-hours work days on board.   Chloe, Lucas and Yumiko stocked the shelves and worked as cashers.  The most memorable customer for Chloe was a seafare who bought 21 bags of spicy pork rinds!  While all the activities were going on, Pastor Steve, the chaplain of NESM, greet the seafarers by their names and caring for the seafarers, just as Jesus would.  

For those who would like to serve at NESM sometime in the summer and fall, Pastor Yumiko or check out their website.