About the Service

We are so glad you’re joining us for worship online. We hope that our time together at Highrock at Home will be a way for you, your family, and friends to connect with God. Here's what to expect during the service:


Music is one way that we connect with God, reflecting on God’s character and receiving God’s invitation to follow Jesus in our lives. For the kidsrock songs, we even have motions to go with the lyrics!


Prayer is an opportunity for us to quiet ourselves so that we would hear what God might say, and then respond to the grace and love that God offers us. 


A pastor will share a relevant message teaching us how to apply the teachings of Jesus to our lives. Join in the live chat on YouTube, or discuss with those in your household as you consider the questions raised during the sermon. If you'd like to review the sermon later, you can find it in our searchable archive on our Sermons page, and download it or watch it again right there!


When we take communion, we share bread and wine or juice to represent Jesus’s sacrificial love for us on the cross. Part of the beauty of communion is the simplicity of the elements. In addition to symbolizing the body and blood of Jesus, they also stand for the basic elements of human nourishment. If you do not have bread and juice available, you can choose something similarly simple, like a cracker (or another form of grain) and milk (or even water). 

Anyone who wishes to receive the love and forgiveness of Christ is welcome to participate.


Having received from God, we freely and joyfully give a portion of all that God has given us through our tithes and offerings, putting our trust in God’s provision. If you're visiting us online, we hope you will be our guest today. For regular attenders, we've outlined several ways to share your talents and treasure on the Giving page.

Highlights and Stories

Occasionally, we will share stories about how Highrockers are living out their faith, or a highlight about an upcoming event in the life of our church. These events are great ways to get plugged in at Highrock!


Have a question haven't answered yet? Reach out to us at hello@highrockbrookline.org