Our Vision

We believe that the love that God has shown to us is demonstrated mostly clearly by how we love one another.  Our goal is for our kids to experience the grace of God, the truth of the Bible, and the love of community through the commitment and care of our Kidsrock! volunteers.

Our Mission

To shepherd children to connect with God Personally, connect to God’s People, and connect to God’s Purposes by modeling and teaching a Christ-Centered life that is empowered by the Holy Spirit.


The Three "P's" for Kids

To develop an increasing understanding of connecting to God Personally, to his People, and to his purposes, we focus on 3 strategies:

Connecting to God Personally (Develop a passion for the Word and growing in relationship with Jesus)
- Build a deeper understanding of Jesus by helping them rediscover him through each new phase of their childhood
- Memory verses, and weekly activities that focus on hearing, tracing, reading, memorizing, understanding context, and learning for oneself
- Discussion with Small Group Leaders during activities and weekly prayer gives opportunity to grow in understanding of how we know Jesus

Connecting to God's People (Build an understanding of Community)
- Starting in Preschool class, they have large group and small group time
- Weekly activities that lead to deeper understanding of community by playing, discovering, and learning together
- Small Group Leaders develop relationships with kids, providing them with adults that love them and model a Christ-like life

Connecting to God's Purposes (Partnering with parents)
- Helping parents lead their child toward a commitment to Christ, baptism, and faithful living
- Teachers strive to extend relationship beyond time on Sunday to include prayer for kids, midweek connecting with families and social opportunities
- Equip parents with training and materials to have conversations about faith with their child
- Provide Parent Que weekly that has the Memory Verse, class theme for that week, and suggested questions for follow up focusing on practical application
- Encourage kids to start serving with their parents as they get older